My name is Michael Slim I'm a full blooded Navajo American Indian and belong to the Kinlichenee Clan (Red House).  Originally born in LA California, but moved when I was very young to Albuquerque NM to be closer to my family roots. I come from a long line of artist and craftsman & women, I started very young helping my mother and family members learning and developing my skills. My mother was a big influence on me and my work. In my youth while working with her she would tell me the history of the Navajo and the symbols and traditions which made us who we are. The designs and symbols I incorporate in my jewelry are intimately tied to who we are and the story of the Navajo people. As years passed and my craft developed into the level it is today, always learning and experimenting with different materials, stones and processes and incorporating them into my jewelry and designs.


     I'm very much influenced by my surroundings, my history and my culture. The first indication that I had finally become a recognized artist in my own right was when I was accepted to the "Palace Portal Program" in Santa Fe. Many jewelers and artist apply but few are accepted. My first submission in 1984 was the beginning of my career as an artist. Since then I have been accepted to a multitude of prestigious shows throughout the country, all of which are "Juried Shows" where your pieces must be of a high enough level to be invited. I have been very fortunate to have been selected repeatedly for these prestigious shows including:

     I have received a number of awards for my jewelry and designs and continue to keep trying to raise the bar with my work. I use a number of different materials which I incorporate in my jewelry. I'm very selective and only use natural stones like Lapis, Coral, Sugilite, Turquoise, Amber, Amethyst, and stones that work within the designs I create. I've started to incorporate more gold and copper into some of my designs.
Gold for it's beauty and longevity and luster, copper for its medicinal qualities. Mixing materials has brought a new dimension to my work which I find very rewarding. All of this is only possible because of my wonderful wife Vicky and my children. Without the close ties of my family and my culture, none of this would be possible. I've been thankful to all the people who acquired my jewelry and for the people who year after year have continued to purchase the art I produce. I thank them for the support that they have continued to give me.
     Recently I have started to design custom pieces for a select few customers and excited at the new dimension this has created. I'm looking forward to try to do more of these one of a kind pieces. If this is something you have an interest in I would be glad to discuss the possibilities with you.  I'm looking forward to showing you some of my work in this web site. While it is a small picture of the work I have done it will give you an idea of the quality and the type of design and jewelry I have available. While this web site will be changing as I add new designs to it, keep checking back to see what new pieces I'm working on. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and I hope to become more familiar with you and what we can do for you.

Michael Slim
Navajo Craftsman from the Red House Clan

The Heard Museum Show in Phoenix

Eight Northern Pueblo Market in Santa Clara

Pueblo Grande Show in Phoenix

Dallas Indian Arts Council in Texas

Red Earth Pow Wow in Oklahoma City

Indian Market in Santa Fe

Colorado Indian Market in Denver

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